Watercourse flow measurements and sampling

Where do you start when you're ready to take real action to improve water quality but with limited resources? Watercourse flow measurement lets you target problematic tributaries and define the zone to be restored.

Our services:

  • Mass balance (loads)
  • Rhodamine dilution method (dilution of a constant flow tracer)
  • Vane test (measurement of speed with the help of a windmill)
  • We provide watercourse depth profiles

How our clientele benefits:

  • We determine the impact of certain discharges on tributaries
  • We target the primary action zones(action plan)

You can trust our experienced team: Environnement E.S.A. has been conducting flow measurement activities for many years and takes into account the criteria detailed in the following documentation:

  • Guide d'échantillonnage à des fins d'analyses environnementales - Cahier 7 : mesure du débit en conduit ouvert (MDDEP) (in French only)

ISO-748 International standard Mesure de débit des liquides dans les canaux découverts – Méthodes d'exploration du champ des vitesses (in French only)