Characterization of sediments

Characterization of sediments

Sediments greatly influence water quality. They act especially as reservoirs for phosphorus, nitrogen and organic matter which they can later release into the surrounding environment. This release promotes the occurrence of blue-green algae. Sediment characterization is, therefore, necessary.

Our services:

  • Sediment sampling
  • Measurement of sediment thickness
  • Granulometry
  • Conventional parameters: levels of organic and dry matter, total carbon, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, carbon-nitrogen ratio, metals

How our clientele benefits:

  • We evaluate the quantity of phosphorus present (salting out)
  • We evaluate sediment toxicity
  • We help clients to have a greater knowledge of sloughing activity in lakes
  • We target erosion zones

Several of our Environnement E.S.A. team members are professionals who specialize in the study of lacustral sediments.