Wastewater characterization

Indispensable in the wastewater discharge assessment process, this step can help your business save considerably on maintenance costs for wastewater treatment systems.

Our services:

  • Real-time chart of the following parameters: pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine
  • Continuous flow sampling
  • Analysis of load and mass balanc
  • Pluviometry and pluviograph records
  • Instantaneous sampling

How our clientele benefits:

  • We respect local wastewater-discharge standards
  • We reduce discharge at the source
  • We supply basic data to design treatment systems
  • We support the liquid discharge quality system through documentation
  • We help clients to know more precisely the origin of discharge, by department, section, or type of discharge
  • We document negotiations with law enforcement agencies with the help of scientific data
  • We help clients save on fines and taxes